C-With-B projects focusses on:

•Environmental Conservation

•Economic empowerment of youth, women and people with disabilities

•Conservation/Climate-smart Agriculture

•Capacity building in Agriculture, Environmental Conservation and Agri-business

Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

We are collaborating with the National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC), a network of climate-active youth in Malawi. Through this partnership, the project implements forest conservation initiatives in the forests surrounding the Salima District with the Chagunda Youth Club and Bunda College Environmental Club.

The project participants and other youth are setting up a nursery to introduce trees, flowers and other flowering plants into the forest to create a safe haven for pollinators threatened by habitat loss and vegetation depletion. 2000 new trees have been planted and 5000 seeds of multiple species are being grown to be planted later this year.

Bee Keeping and Honey Processing

40 beehives have been introduced in the forests surrounding the Salima District. In addition a honey processing and packaging facility has been set up that allows the young people to supply honey to the market.

Mushroom Production

Mushrooms are produced, sorted and packed to enable the youth to market mushrooms and generate a small income.

Capacity Building in Agri-Businesses

At C with B we work with different stakeholders in capacity-building in the food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors with an objective of addressing the establishment or strengthening of formal (government) and informal (NG0s, community groups, cooperatives etc.) institutions, the private sector and individuals. Our aim is to enable them to be better able to face their responsibilities in policy and decision-making and in implementing rural development programs more efficiently.

Currently we are working with different women and youth cooperatives across Malawi on empowering them to access different financial opportunities; training them on climate smart agriculture techniques; training them on farmer market schools etc.

Youth Test Farm

In collaboration with Youthure Foundation we are developing a demonstration farm for the youth in Ukwe EPA to engage rural youth, women and people with disabilities in agribusinesses. On the farm we are facilitating several trainings for the youth. The trainings focus on climate smart farming practices and farming technologies/tools that are SMART: Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies. Besides this, trainings on how to start a farming business will be given to the youth.

Furthermore, the farm also functions as an experimental site for the youth where they can put their new knowledge into practice and experiment with new farming practices and technologies to gain and develop their practical skills.

At the moment 25 youth are participating on the farm. They have grown a variety of crops such as soya, groundnuts, irish potatoes, beans, onions and greep pepper using climate smart techniques such as the use of early maturing varieties and double row planting. Simalarly we are growing drought resistant crops on the farm such as sweet potatoe and cassava and we are showing the incorporation of trees on farms as well.

Information about the project: Youth Test Farm Malawi

Womens group Capacity Building

C with B is helping Kachera Women foresty Group to grow by finding them a sustainable market and bringing in new innovations. The aim of the project is to work with the womens group, consisting of 132 woman, making their tree nursery business more valuable in terms of growth and capacity building as well as equipping them with technical knowledge and skills. The project is mostly field based, with hands on training, field visit and receiving guest in some sessions. In a one year period, we are targeting to raise 500 000 tree seedlings both indigenous and fruits. The species include m,bawa, msangu, Kesha, mtangatanga, bamboo, soldier trees, mango, guava, pawpaws, avocado pears, lemons, oranges, sour soup among others.