About Us

About Us

Welcome to Conserve with Benefits (CWB).

We are a registered Not-for-profit organization operating in Malawi. We are a passionate team of young environmental enthusiasts committed to making a positive impact on people and our planet. Through our collaborative efforts, scalable innovative green projects, and community engagement approach, we strive to create a profound sense of environmental stewardship and inspire change starting at grassroot level.

We are dedicated to tackling pressing environmental issues, from conserving biodiversity to promoting sustainable practices and combating climate change and its associated impacts.

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Our Vision

We would like to see empowered and resilient communities where youth, women and other vulnerable groups of people play critical roles in delivering community-led environmental and climate change solutions through their productive participation and involvement in the green economy

Our Mission

Our mission is to incentivize inclusive grassroot environmental and climate action for enhanced community resilience and sustainable development.

Core Values

• Cost Efficiency and sustainability
• Transparency and Accountability
• Solidarity and Partnerships
• Innovation and Transformation
• Inclusiveness and Human Dignity
• Learning and practice


• Respect
• Honesty
• Dedication
• Tolerance
• Co-existence
• Hard working

Our Target Groups



Vulnerable groups of people


We partner with like-minded organizations in waste management interventions in Malawi. These include cleanups, reuse and recycling programs that involve youth

We strive to build or enhance the capacity of youth, women and people with disabilities in different developmental themes to help them develop skills and competencies that will enable them take greater control of their own lives and also contribute to inclusive local development.  We achieve that through provision of trainings and starter-up support.

We ensure that our programs build health relationships with communities by encouraging community involvement in the designing and implementation of our interventions. We believe that community involvement is key to ensuring that our interventions capture and address contextual needs that are relatable to the communities for lasting and out-scaled impact. 

CWB has vested interest in programs that transform the plight of youth, women and other vulnerable groups of people in rural communities. That is why we design and roll our various projects that aim to empower our target population economically. We support sustainable green enterprises such as bee-keeping, mushroom husbandry, horticulture, livestock production, agronomy, aquaculture, poultry etc.

We partner with research institutions and contribute to knowledge generation and transfer through action research and learning. We support advocacy work on environment, natural resources and climate change management at community and national level through our community outreach programs and our participation in relevant national networks. 

At Conserve with benefit, we believe in an integrated approach to development. That is why we ensure that issues of gender, education, health, human rights, age, disability, equality and equity are deliberately and adequately mainstreamed into our programming.

Our Partners

Meet Our Team

Collins Mittoch
Executive Director


Kondwani Mubisa
Programs Manager


Ruth Tandwe
Project Officer (Intern)


Angella Phiri
Project Officer - Youth Test Farm Project


Violet Banda
M & E Advisor
Sheila Kalonga
Program Officer (Forestry)
Chifuniro Davison
Young Farmer Mentor
Thokozani Chikakuda
Young Farmer Mentor
Herlad Staford
Farm Assistant (Horticulture)
Chikondi Likagwa
Farm Assistant (Livestock)
Chisomo Likagwa
Safety and Stores Officer
Chifuniro M.Desire
Communication Assistant