Under the Youth Test Farm Project, we believe in the power of youth to revolutionize
agriculture, drive innovation, and create a sustainable food future. Our project is a
dynamic platform that empowers young individuals to become the next generation of
agricultural leaders and change-makers.
In partnership with Youthure Foundation, we provide theoretical and hands-on learning
experience that allows our youth to explore and experiment with innovative farming
techniques, simple technologies, and environmentally friendly and sustainable
agriculture practices. We believe in learning by doing, and our project offers a safe and
supportive environment for young people to develop their skills, gain practical
knowledge, and unleash their creativity.
By participating in our project, youth have the opportunity to test and implement new
farming methods, such as organic farming. Through these trials, they learn about
resource efficiency, soil health, water management, and biodiversity conservation. We
encourage them to think critically, adapt to challenges, and find sustainable solutions
that address the pressing issues facing our food systems.
Moreover, the Youth Test Farm Project serves as a hub for collaboration, mentorship,
and knowledge exchange. We connect young farmers with experienced mentors,
industry experts, and supportive networks, enabling them to learn from established
professionals and share their own insights with peers through horizontal learning. We
foster an inclusive and diverse community that nurtures talent, inspires innovation, and
drives positive change.
Get in touch and join us in this journey as we establish Youth Test Farms in rural
location of Malawi to reach out the marginalized young men and women including other
vulnerable groups whose everyday lives are dependent on the environment. Be part of
a movement that transforms agriculture through the energy, enthusiasm, and fresh
perspectives of young people. Together, let's cultivate a sustainable, resilient, and
inclusive food system that nourishes our people and safeguards the future of our

In partnership with National Youth Network on Climate Change, with support from Tauw
Foundation through Youthure Foundation, we implemented a three-year Forest
Restoration and Youth Empowerment Project in Salima District in Malawi. The project
aimed to harness the energy, passion, and innovative spirit of youth to restore our
degraded forests and create a sustainable future.
We recognize that the well-being of our planet relies on the active participation of young
people. We believe in empowering youth as leaders and change-makers in
environmental conservation. Through our initiative, we provide them with the
knowledge, skills, and opportunities to make a tangible impact.
The Forest Restoration and Youth Empowerment Project focused on two interconnected
goals. On one hand, we were working to restore degraded forests, combat
deforestation, and protect biodiversity hotspots. On the other hand, we were
empowering young individuals by offering training, mentorship, and practical experience
in forest-based enterprises. Through this project, we equipped young people with the
tools they needed to become environmental champions, green entreprenuers and
advocates for change. We believe that when given the chance, youth can be powerful
catalysts for transforming their communities and shaping a sustainable future.
Through projects of this nature, we empower young people to become part of a dynamic
network of passionate citizens committed to protect natural resources, restore degraded
ecosystems and attain socioeconomic empowerment.
Investing in the young people means investing in a greener, more sustainable world.
Together, let’s plant the seeds of a brighter future, empower youth to become
environmental leaders, and ensure the health and prosperity of our forests for
generations to come.”
Learn more about the project here:

“Empowering women in forest restoration initiatives is not just about planting trees, but
about nurturing sustainable communities and fostering gender equality. We recognize
the critical role that women play in environmental conservation, and we are committed
to amplifying their voices and contributions.
Women are powerful agents of change, and when given the opportunity, they can drive
transformative impact in forest restoration. Our organization works hand in hand with
women to create inclusive and empowering initiatives that not only restore forests but
also uplift local communities.
Through our partnership with Green Girls Platform, we are providing women groups with
training, resources and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to enable their
active participate in forest restoration initiatives. We believe in their unique insights,
innovative ideas, and nurturing approach, which bring a holistic perspective to
environmental conservation.
By engaging women in forest restoration initiatives, we create a ripple effect of positive
change. Women are often the primary caregivers and providers within their
communities, and their involvement in forest restoration ensures a sustainable future for
both people and the planet. Empowering women in these initiatives does not only
strengthen gender equality, but it also creates economic opportunities and enhances
social resilience.
Promoting women involvement in environmental programs allows them to contribute
their expertise, talents, and perspectives. By doing so, we not only encourage inclusive
restoration of our ecosystems, but we also create thriving communities that are resilient
in the face of climate change.

“Imagine a world where fresh air, clean waters, and thriving ecosystems are not just
distant dreams, but a livable reality. At CWB, we are dedicated to making this vision a
tangible and achievable goal by beating environmental pollution head-on.
Environmental pollution poses one of the greatest threats to our planet and the wellbeing of future generations. We believe that by taking decisive action, implementing
innovative solutions, and mobilizing communities, we can create lasting change.
Through our initiatives, we aim to tackle pollution starting from the roots. We engage
with the corporate community, policymakers, and grassroot movements to drive the
adoption of sustainable practices, enforce stricter regulations, and promote eco-friendly
technologies. We empower individuals to become environmental champions in their
own right by raising awareness and education, and advocating for sustainable policies
to create a ripple effect that propagates across our societies.
We believe that together, we can beat environmental pollution by managing our plastic
waste, curbing harmful emissions, protecting our natural resources, and fostering a
culture of environmental responsibility. By joining forces with you, we can actively work
towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world.

“Empowering youth through solar-powered small enterprises is not just about providing
sustainable energy solutions, but also about cultivating a generation of innovative
leaders who are equipped to shape a brighter and more sustainable future.
At CWB, we believe in harnessing the potential of young entrepreneurs to drive positive
change in their communities. We specialize in supporting and nurturing youth-led
enterprises that leverage solar power technologies to address pressing energy
challenges and promote socio-economic development.
Our programs aim to offer mentorship, technical training, and access to funding
opportunities, empowering young individuals to establish and grow their own solarpowered businesses. By providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and
networks, we enable youth to become catalysts for clean energy adoption and
economic growth.
Through solar-powered small enterprises, youth gain valuable skills in renewable
energy technologies, business management, and community engagement. They create
sustainable livelihoods for themselves while simultaneously bringing affordable, clean
energy solutions to underserved areas.
Join us as we ignite the potential of youth and propel the transition to a clean energy
future. Together, we can empower the next generation of changemakers and build a
more inclusive and sustainable world powered by the sun.”

“Unlocking the potential of smallholder farmers in the Garlic Value Chain is not only a
pathway to economic empowerment but also a powerful tool for environmental
conservation. At CWB, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture practices
while creating opportunities for smallholder farmers to thrive.
Through our partnership with My Munda Food Processors, we are empowering
smallholder farmers to become key players in the production, processing, and
marketing of garlic. We are providing training on Garlic production and management
and providing extension support and reliable market for their Garlic thereby enabling
them to improve productivity, increase their income, and strengthen their resilience.
But our impact goes beyond economic gains. Through this initiative, we are actively
promoting environmental conservation. Garlic cultivation offers unique ecological
benefits, such as natural pest control and soil enrichment. By encouraging sustainable
farming techniques, including organic practices and efficient irrigation methods, we
ensure that smallholder farmers actively contribute to environmental preservation.
Join us in supporting smallholder farmers in the agriculture value chain and become
part of a movement that embraces the potential of agriculture as a force for positive
change. Together, we can drive sustainable development, empower farmers, and
safeguard our environment for future generations. Together, let’s harness the power of
smallholder farmers and their invaluable contribution to the food systems sector. Let us
make a lasting impact on both livelihoods and environmental conservation.”

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